Samsung, V&A Museum, 2015
Mobile learning environment

The V&A approached Dubloon with an open brief to design a new learning environment for the series of workshops they run called: The V&A Samsung Digital Classroom.
With the rise of learning through digital devices the classroom can become a far more flexible space allowing the physical environment to be redesigned to best aid creative thinking and learning. Dubloon developed a structure that can be quickly and easily assembled that defines a space with little restriction. An open learning environment taking place within the galleries of the V&A to immerse teaching, learning and inspiration in the same physical environment. This provides an exciting space for the workshops to take place amongst the exhibits, so that participants are able to use them as reference, inspiration or directly within their work using 3D scanning and other forms of technology.
The V&A Samsung Digital Classroom is an ongoing programme of workshops for 16-19 year olds. Its provides insight into certain creative industries and opens the discussion about future careers by having leading designers teach emerging creative digital technologies. The programme ranges from topics such as projection mapping, virtual reality, 3D printed jewellery and digital animation among others.

The initial research consisted of stakeholder interviews, ethnographic research via classroom worshop ‘sit ins’ and observations of the general public. The existing workshops took place in a classroom above the museum but to better utilise the technology and the museum content - which were two fundamental elements of focus in the workshops - we decided to place the workshop in the museum amongst the exhibits.
Our concept generation took shape in trying to establish an envrionment within this new museum context, which also came with complications around mobility, transportability and flexibility.
Taking into consideration throughout the project phases was the both brand identities (Samsung and the V&A), museum regulations and the expectations of their stakeholders. The result is a modular structure put together using number and colour coding, accompanied by a supporting workshop system encompassing the two brand identities and visually striking aesthetic intended to inspire and create intrigue for both participants and passers by.

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