Vans, 2018
Interactive Installation for the ‘Made for the Makers’ shoe launch

An interactive sculpture made for the launch of the Vans ‘Made for the Makers’ shoe release. The bicycle splatter machine is a kinetic sculpture which encourages people to unleash their inner creativity. Made from repurposed bicycle parts and Vans shoes the user presses the huge red button to unleash the paint from above. They then turn the handle (a repurposed bicycle pedal) to rotate the shoes and subsequently splatter paint everywhere onto the structure and postcard which the user can display on the art wall.

The project was created by Dubloon (directed by Henry Franks and myself), who were approached with a brief to create an installation for the product launch in London, UK. The project consisted of an initial research phase to identify demographics, users, understand stakeholder expectations and importantly an investigation into brand identity to maintain alignment with the product, so the creation is seen as a natural extention.

The research phase enabled us to identify key aspects to highlight and drive the concept generation, and in its essence, this was to create an interactive ‘device’ that enabled an accessible way for the user to create. The brand identity was a strong consideration throughout the concept to maintain the raw / making aesthetic in alignment with Vans and the product itself.

The result was the splatter machine with a postcard element which could be placed on display on the ‘Off the Wall’ wall or taken away as a personal piece of art.

© 2018 

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