Strand Lamp

Strand lamp was created in my second year at University. The brief was to create a lamp.

'Strand lamp' is a pendant lamp made out of spring steel with copper attributes. It is designed to provide a unique contrast when it is turned on revealing a beautiful form of ambient light. It is extremely interactive in the sense that the user has to clip the bottom to the top for the light to turn on - a very deliberate motion. Strand lamp uses sturdy and industrial materials such as spring steel and copper which cannot be more apparent than in the clip at the bottom. These materials and aesthetic provide just what is needed for the contrast when the lamp is turned on.

When turned off it is read as a completely different object. It is quite innocuous in the way it hangs, this makes it all the more interesting.

The copper detailing finishes the product off well, providing a contrast on the black as well as being honest to the theme of the copper clip by having the material appear throughout the object

Images displaying the testing of light qualities and different materials

Different iterations of the clip and the slit that enables the plastic sheet to slide with the movement of the lamp (bottom right)