Rest is a product created in my final year at University. The brief was to create a manifesto about design. My manifesto was that designers need to take humans into account a lot more than they do and not phase them out of the products due to other factors creeping in. I was also trying to eliminate any pre-conceptions of what a product should be. This was broadcast strongly through 'rest' due to it's scale and form being associated with a that of a stool, yet the interaction being completely different and unique.

Rest is a new way for people to relax their head and neck. It allows the user to physically and mentally rest their head. This is due to the intent of the position and the lack of surroundings while only being able to look at the ground.
This product is to encourage human interaction in design by simply taking a problem and solving without any pre-conceived ideas of what the design should be. Rest helps the user shut out the world and relax.

Materials: Powder coated steel, Wood (Ash), Canvas, Leather

Processes: Lazer cutting, hand bending and manual lathing.