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Exposed was designed in my final year of University. The brief was to design and make a hand-held electronic device using previously used electrical components. This project was heavily directed towards CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing).

Electronics that are sold today look like something that robots have constructed and probably have. As I discovered not all current electronics fit that category.

Using a contrasting clean modern-retro aesthetic ʻExposedʼ (a transistor radio) celebrates the not so beautiful electronics. The product expresses this by lighting up internally when activated, allowing the user to view the spectacle through the glass viewport. 'Exposed' supports surprise design not only by being able to see the electrical components but also by the location of the speaker at the back of the product.
Processes used were 3D printing, lazer-cutting and CNC Lathe manufacturing.
Materials used were plastic, resin, aluminium and glass.


The internal electronics

Electronics 3D modelled to get proportions

My initial design expressing the internal components through magnified viewports in the volume and tuning sliders

Experimental models of casings and internal structures. Most are 3D printed with others lazer-cut.